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From Left to Right

#1 Rosewood into Birdseye Maple full splice cue with colored

veneer points and tiger maple sword and dagger inlays. SOLD

#2 Rosewood into Birdseye Maple full splice cue with colored

veneer points, notched Ivory diamond inlays and linen wrap. SOLD

#3 Rare Butterfly full spliced Curly Shedua into Purple Heart

cue with veneers. It has 16 recut points of Tiger Maple, Purple

Heart, Yellow Heart, and Ebony with the longest point being over

20 inches long. It also has Yellow heart and Ebony inlays. $895

#4 Tulipwood into Birdseye Maple with veeners cue and inlays

of Ivory and Abalone with Ring Tail lizard wrap. SOLD

#5 Ebony into Birdseye Maple with Amboyna Burl recut points,

Amboyna Windows, Abalone and ivory inlays and linen wrap. SOLD

#6 Cury Koa into Birdseye Maple with one black veneer. Ivory,

Abalone, and Ebony inlays, Ivory Joint and Ring Tail wrap. SOLD

All the above cues have our custom engraved Joint protectors

and sterling silver stitch accent rings.


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